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Cambo Motion Sound Effects

Cambo Motion Sound Effects

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Cambo The Pro Video Sound FX:

At The Pro Video, we specialize in transforming your videos with high-quality sound design. Sound is not just an element but the life of your video, adding depth and emotion to every scene.

 Sound FX: 101 Sounds Collection

First Pack
  •  Bass Drop: A deep, resonating sound that emphasizes a significant moment or transition.
  • Deep Impact: A low-frequency, powerful, ideal for creating a sense of large-scale collision or explosion.
  • Gearshift: The sound of a vehicle's gears changing, useful for automotive scenes or conveying motion.
  • Metal Impacts: The clanging or banging of metal, good for scenes involving machinery, robots, or metal collisions.
  • Monster Growl: A deep, threatening growl typically gives creatures life or creates a sense of danger.
  • Pass-By: The sound of something moving swiftly past the listener, great for creating a sense of speed or motion.
  • Passing Bridge: The specific sound of moving over a bridge, useful for adding realism to travel scenes.
  • Swoosh: A swift, airy sound, perfect for movements, fast transitions, or showing something being swiftly moved or thrown.
  • Whoosh Impacts: A combination of a swift whoosh and a sudden impact, ideal for fast movements followed by collisions.
 Second Pack
  • Car Shift Cinematic Impact SFX: Enhances the experience of a gear shift in a cinematic way, adding drama and realism to scenes involving vehicles.
  • Whoosh Impact SFX: Used for creating a sense of rapid movement or transition, perfect for action scenes or quick changes in a scene.
  • Riser Whoosh & Hit SFX: Builds suspense and tension, typically used before a major event or reveal in a film or video.
  • Hit & Droop SFX: Emphasizes the feeling of impact or a heavy object falling, adding weight and intensity to the visuals.


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