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Video Sound FX Pack VOL 3

Video Sound FX Pack VOL 3

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NEW Video Sound FX Pack VOL 3

The NEW Video Sound FX Pack VOL 3 is a collection of high-quality sound effects I used in my latest BMW M video. This VOL 3 pack saves you time and gives you access to various sounds to enhance your automotive videos. Below is a list of all included sounds with their names and descriptions.

Included 17 Sound FX: 

  • Fast Pass By: The sound of a car swiftly passing by at high speed, perfect for dynamic scenes.

  • Car Hit: A dramatic collision sound, adding intensity and impact to any crash sequence.

  • Two Car Pass By: The realistic audio of two cars racing past each other, ideal for showcasing thrilling chases.

  • Shift Hit Speed: The aggressive sound of a car shifting gears and accelerating, great for emphasizing speed and power.

  • Action Hit with Screaming: An impactful hit sound with a scream, perfect for high-stakes moments.

  • Action Hit No Screaming: A powerful hit sound without the scream, suitable for general impact scenes.

  • One Car Fast Pass By: The rush of a single car speeding past, excellent for highlighting individual vehicles.

  • Transition Riser Hit: A versatile riser and hit sound, perfect for smooth transitions and building anticipation.

  • Speed Up Short: A brief speed-up sound effect, ideal for quick acceleration moments.

  • Fast Shift Hit Metal Transition: A sharp metallic transition sound, great for adding intensity to fast-paced scenes.

  • Fast Shift Hit Metal Transition No Engine Sound: Similar to the above but without the engine sound, offering more versatility in usage.

  • Creepy Riser with Pray Whisper: A haunting riser with a whispering prayer, perfect for building tension and suspense.

  • Creepy Riser Without Pray: The same eerie riser without the whispering, ideal for creating a spooky atmosphere.

  • Creepy Riser Hit: A chilling riser with an impactful hit, great for dramatic transitions and horror scenes.

Unleash the full potential of your automotive videos with the BMW Video Sound FX Pack. Whether working on a car chase or a sleek showcase, this pack has everything you need to create stunning, immersive audio experiences. Download now and start creating!

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